NAADA OM carries the 'you' away - replaces it with Love of the Infinite ...”

Laura Hebden



NAADA OM is a World Music collaboration between composer, singer and harmonium player Felix Woldenberg and percussionist   Alan Corne.

In traditional settings, Bhajan and Kirtan are ecstatic devotional practices which focus, engage and heighten the responses of the faculties of the body-mind such as emotion, attention and bodily worship.

NAADA OM's orientation aims to move the participant to a depth of feeling in a space of stillness and equanimity, thereby supporting the participant in a greater awareness of, and heart response to the Source-condition of his or her own being.

All proceeds from the sale of NAADA OM's albums supports their yearly music service retreat on the beautiful and Sacred hermitage island of Naitauba in Fiji, where some of NAADA OM's Sacred offerings of devotional music are recorded for future release.

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