Devotional Songs - Bhajans from Naitauba


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The human voice is a primary means through which human beings express devotion, therefore religious and spiritual traditions all over the earth have used various forms of chant to worship and invoke the Divine for millennia.

This album is made up of a variety of call-and-response chants and a unison mantric chant. These chanting occasions were recorded during daily worship occasions within the context of the daily practicing form during times of celebration within the rich yearly cycle at Adi Da Samrajashram (on the island of Naitauba in Fiji). As such, these are not performances, but rather an actual record of a practicing culture of devotion in its native setting. In the call-and-response chants, the responses heard are the voices of authentic practitioners.

This album features special guests Steve Haggerty on the Hansaveena, Anthony Costabile on darabouka, and the Naitauba Chanting Guild.

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